How Are the Puppies Doing?

How the puppies are doing is my favorite question to answer because I get to pull out my phone and share all of the adorable pictures my puppy families have sent me and gush about how much they love their puppies.

Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Paddy (aka Finnegan) is "...the sweetest little soul and such a delight."

I can't begin to express how much we love getting these updates.  We get to know each puppy from our litters and we are the first to love them.  Hearing that they are living their best lives and experiencing all that family life has to offer fills my bucket like nothing else!  Seeing how they are growing and changing, and helping problem solve any little quirks that come up along the way is such a pleasure.

Puppy with tortoise
Fiona (aka Maisie) lives in a guardian home with my older brother. She is a mama-hopeful and will join our program in a couple of years, after she has passed all of our genetic screens. She is seen here, playing with her Tortoise-sister, Sampson.

We received an update from Bodhi's (aka Smitty's) new family just the other day and it tickled me to no end!  What a wonderful time he must be having on the Jersey Shore even as I type this post!

Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Bodhi (aka Smitty) with that heart-melting head tilt.

Bodhi's new mom says he “ doing great! Almost 23lbs, fully vaccinated, in-training (knowing sit, down, place and stay, and learning paw). Working to navigate some carsickness but he successfully made it to the NJ shore today for the Memorial Day weekend and will hopefully enjoy some beach and pool time soon. Favorite spot now with the weather getting warmer is on the AC vent! As our trainer said he is truly fearless - they had a puppy playdate and he played on all the things 70% of dogs don’t like the wobble board but he listens well, likes having his tasks and is very treat motivated!”

Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Bodhi (aka Smitty) balances confidently on a wobble board similar to the one he played with his littermates on!

Puppy updates aren't just important so that I can hear how great everyone's doing, they are also important so that I can continually evaluate my program.  Did the parental pairing that I chose produce the puppies that are best for my families?  Is the curriculum that I'm using accomplishing what I want it to?  Are my puppies confident, happy, healthy, and easily trainable?  If I'm getting feedback from my families that tells me otherwise, then I know I need to make some adjustments.  As far as The Lucky Winter Litter...Ruby's first litter...I can confidently say that they were a homerun!  And I just can't wait till next time!

Chocolate australian Labradoodle puppy and chocolate parti coat Australian labradoodle
Gracie (aka Molly) is sitting pretty next to big sister, Abby. Could their faces be any cuter?!

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