An EverHeart Labradoodle for Christmas

After a few months of rest and relaxation for everyone here at EverHeart Labradoodles, we are ready to do it all over again.  Charlotte has really grown up since her last litter and I am so excited to see how she does as a second time mama!  We decided to breed her with Heritage Manor's Triple Threat aka "Tripp" because of his wonderful temperament  and fabulous structure.  And, for me, it's exciting to work with one of the most well known and well respected breeders in the state.  This litter should produce a rainbow of puppy colors, including chocolates, caramels, and possibly some phantoms, and they will be available to go home January 13th.

Announcement for Holiday Litter of puppies. Go Home date January 2024.

In my mind, this is the perfect timing for a Holiday puppy surprise!  This gives parents the opportunity to surprise their children with a puppy for Christmas while still having a couple of weeks after the holidays are over to prepare for the big responsibility of bringing a puppy home.  I am personally a HUGE fan of surprises and I would love to do anything I can to make this happen for my puppy families.  Whether it be a video/photo montage that I put together for you to play your children on Christmas morning or if you'd like to set up a Skype call to introduce your new baby to the family, I am game for whatever!  And I welcome any ideas you might have as well!

These puppies are going to spend their first set of holidays in the love and security of their sweetheart Mama and her loving human family...US!  They will have the safety, security, and stimulation that is so necessary to produce a confident, easy going dog. We begin the basic fundamentals of potty training as early as we can to reinforce their natural instinct to keep themselves and their area clean.  We also introduce the crate early, giving them a foundational knowledge that their crate is a safe place to rest and unwind.  In addition, our puppies are introduced to different objects, people, and sounds on a daily basis, creating those positive first experiences that let the puppies know the world is a safe place to be.

Above and beyond the work we do with the puppies from birth to 9 weeks, we offer training packages with a loving and talented trainer who uses positive reinforcement training to teach your puppy the additional confidence and manners that will make your puppy the hit of your life!

Don't hesitate to call/text/email with any questions!  I love working with my puppy families to make the experience the best that it can be!

If you'd like to know more about the adoption process, check out our Pricing & Application page for more info.

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